Life design is self-inquiry, it is asking tough questions to reveal blocks and hurdles. It is surrendering, letting go of things, people that no longer serve you.  It is about appreciating the journey and showing up.  It’s living, breathing and enjoying the present.  It is about becoming your own best friend- It is a transformational journey to dig and explore—to uncover the best possible YOU.

I believe that this self-discovery will open doors, remove limitations and allow you to get to know yourself in a way that you never have.  It is my hope that this process will evoke conversations around your own authentic design.  To discover beauty, balance and self-love.  To know and honor your mission, your values, your priorities.  You are the CEO of your amazing life.  What’s your brand? What’s your promise?  This journey will be fun, exciting and all about the amazing you that’s not only good enough, but exceptional, not just here, but here for a purpose ~ transformed in Love. 

Alchemiss is this journey to design a life loved!


Home design is more than patterns and furniture placement it is about YOU!  It is about how you use the space, what you like and don’t like about how you LIVE in your space.  It is about asking the right questions to transform your house into a home.  A place where you wake up and land with gratitude, appreciation and love. 

When I think about my home I think about memories, experiences and livable, organized beautiful spaces. I want everyone I work with to love coming home.  I want them to walk into their closet and smile because every piece was purchased with purpose, adored and hung neatly on uniform hangars if of course that is there thing. The notion of coming home is not that far removed from what the heart  desires.  Colors, décor, placement, accessories all transform a space into one that is personal, intimate and unique just like the owner!  House to Home transformation is fun, enlightening and hopefully inspiring.  Let the transformation begin! 

Alchemiss is this journey to design a loved home!

Designed with Love

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