It’s that time of year- Preschoolers, High Schoolers, and College Students graduating! Moving on to the next phase in there life. It’s been fun writing out graduation cards and appreciating the message for what it means to me, my clients and my hope to all of you. This “graduation” transition is a huge stepping stone for of course the graduate but it can be equally as powerful for each of us as we create and live our day to day life. So as you design your life, remember … be your own hero. Follow your passions, even if it means leaping into the unknown. Especially then. Dream, but don’t just dream, believe in yourself enough to come up with a plan. Stay open to new possibilities. Tune out life’s noises so you can hear your own inner voice, your own truth, then follow it. Know what you want and seek it. Know who you are and own it. Put your whole heart into everything. And never forget how much power you have to change the world. I would encourage all of you to not be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin. Be brave and dream big every day!!! Keep in mind anything you choose to do to improve your health, your appearance and energy levels are a gift to yourself and not a punishment. Beauty comes in self-care!!

Small change, small wonders- these are the currency of your endurance and ultimately of your life.

Each of us has the opportunity to change and grow until our very last breath. Happy creating…

Wishing you all the Happiness and Love you each deserve this day and every day there after!!!


Designed with Love

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