Who Are We?

Alchemiss is a new entry into the Des Moines Design space. We aspire to be known for bringing new life to the Midwest, not only by transforming spaces but by transforming lives. Creating designs that represent you, in a process that is fun, for the life and space you love is my promise.

Alchemy by definition is transformation. Alchemiss design is the art of YOU. A design should embody the essence of who YOU are and an extension of what YOU represent. Home and Life, if intertwined with purpose, is a blueprint for not only amazing spaces that you love but a life you love as well.

Founded by interior design enthusiast and life coach, Leah Roling, the company’s classic style incorporates clean lines, patterned prints and striking details to bridge the gap between high design and functional spaces. The same design process is used regardless of whether we are transforming your space or your life.

Leah’s work and commitment comes from a place of love. She combines that love with an extensive knowledge of her field. I recommend her without a moments hesitation.

Inspired by a love for creativity, color and life

Leah and her team have adopted a process that collaborates with clients to create designs around the goals of the space and the person. We bring meaning so that it becomes an extension of your values, livable, touchable and breathable. We pride ourselves in co-creating unique and tailored spaces (home and heart) that evolve into a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Alchemiss is a transformational design company that specializes in home and life design. Transformational design is about creating lasting inspiring changes.

Leah Roling has helped me both as a personal trainer and as a life-coach. I am a personal trainer so I feel that I am in a good position to evaluate her as compared to others in her profession.

How many times have you de-cluttered your pantry or front entry way just to see it cluttered back a month later? How many times have you tried to change your eating habits, work out plans, work habits, relationship challenges, parenting, and the list goes on? You can do it for a day, a week or maybe even a month, but you eventually fall off the wagon and then beat yourself up for not staying committed. The problem is not commitment. It goes much deeper. Commitment and mastery take time, and they require you to look at limiting beliefs, outside influences, stories you tell yourself, as well as your previous experiences.

Transformational design asks the uncomfortable questions that get to the core of what is keeping you from lasting, permanent change. We then make a plan that works for you, and as someone invested in your success, I’ll be here to support you through the challenges and victories. I am in your corner, fighting with you so you can enjoy lasting change.

Leah Roling

Leah Roling

Loved Wife. Proud Mother. Dedicated Coach. Committed Designer.

I’m passionate about helping people find their balance, and empower them to take control of emotions, relationships, stressors, and well, LIFE. I do this by combining the science of nutrition and exercise, with an extensive personal library and decades of practical life application. The process to uncover the “why” behind the goal is the start to your transformational journey. A strong why will allow us to design a life you love! My Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology/Sports Nutrition, multiple certifications (NSCA, ACE, LIFE to name a few) paired with my immense love for learning and empowering people has allowed me to transform hundreds of lives…I hope you will allow me the honor to transform yours!

Designed with Love

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